Adsense Program & Policies

Welcome to Adsense Program & Policies page.This page will guide you about Adsense Program & Policies that you should ultimately know about.

Content Criteria:

The content which we have published on our website is unique and has maximum benefit for our visitors.Our content is copyright free. All the efforts have been done to make the user experience better because we valued our visitors.

Ad Placement Policies:

In our website we just run with google ads and these ads are designed in such a way that they are flexible mean does not disturb the user 

Some other main points related to ads policies are:

  • The ads run on our websites are on behalf of the content we published over there.
  • We don’t use any trick such as misleading material that forces our customer to click on the ads.
  • We don’t support any trick that produces fake clicks or impressions on ads.
  • Time to time we monitor the traffic sources landing on our website so that if there is any illegal activity we may immediately stop it. 
  • We have only one single adsense account on our website.

Communication Standards:

We have clearly mentioned in the page “contact us” that customer data is safe which you have shared during contact through email or any other source.We also fully explain that our site uses only Adsense Program to show ads.Also discuss how the data may be used for personalised ad targeting.