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Information About GBWhatsApp APK

App NameGBWhatsApp
Size79.5 MB
RequirementAndroid 4.3 and +
Latest Update3 Days Ago
PurposeWhatsApp Extra Features

GBWhatsApp APK

GBWhatsApp APK is the most popular Mod of Whatsapp which comes with dozens of exciting features to give you a supreme socializing experience. Whatsapp is among the most popular messaging apps with billions of active users across different platforms. The official version offers all the core features that a user needs for messaging, calling, and sharing. 

But to give some advanced features to the users, several Mod versions have been introduced. GB Whatsapp APK sits at the top of the list with unique and advanced features. It offers anonymity and many privacy features for conversation. Moreover, the GB version comes with enhanced sharing and a variety of customization options. Built-in lock, DND, themes, and many other features make this MOD a go-to choice for every user.

Features of GBWhatsApp APK

We are living in a world of technology where everything is super-fast and very convenient. Therefore everything is quite instant and quick. When it comes to messaging, calling, sharing, and communication, it becomes even more instant and easy. There are several apps that offer instant messaging and calling services. Whatsapp is the best among all instant messaging apps. Here we are offering Whatsapp GB App that is much more than a simple messaging app. Let’s dig very deep into the offerings and services of this communication maestro.


Themes and Customization

In the official version of Whatsapp, there is only one theme and you can not customize it as well. Hence, you have to stick with the same default interface all the time. However, the GB version brings more colors and interface variety with themes and customizations.

It comes with a built-in theme store where you can try various themes for the app interface. Moreover, you can also customize it according to your preferences. The app allows you to try different icon positions and interface customizations.

Dual WhatsApp Accounts

Are you handling two Whatsapp accounts on a single device? Then surely you will be using two different Mods or any app cloner for it. But for the first time, GB whatsapp brings a dual account feature.

You can keep your accounts alive within a single app. The app will not just run two accounts simultaneously but you can also set different customization settings for both accounts. Moreover, you will also receive all the notifications from both your accounts simultaneously.

Message Encryption

Encryption is an important tool for keeping your messages secure and private.

JTWhatsapp includes end-to-end encryption for all messages, so you can rest assured that only the people involved in your conversation are able to read them.

Enhanced Privacy Options

End-to-end encryption is the only privacy feature in the official version. But GB Whatsapp Apk comes with a wide range of options for an enhanced privacy experience. You can hide your appearance, blue tick, last seen, and story view appearance. Moreover, you can also set a PIN, Password, or finger lock to keep your app and conversation secure. 

Anti-Revoke Messages

This is another advancement in your instant messaging. This GB version offers an anti-revoke feature that enables one to read deleted messages. There is an option in WhatsApp conversations called “Delete for Everyone”.

If a sender sends you a message and goes for this “Delete for Everyone” option, then the sent message will be deleted in your conversation for both sender and receiver. But it is in the official version that you can’t access a deleted message, in the GB version there is an Anti-revoke feature that keeps all deleted text messages, voice notes, and shared media files. 

Message Scheduler

With the message scheduler feature, you can compose messages and schedule them to be sent at a specific time and date. This is ideal for sending birthday wishes or important reminders.

Hide Typing and Recording Status

Hide your text typing and voice recording status and never show your contacts that you are typing a text or recording a voice note. GBWhatsApp lets you hide the “typing” and “recording” status indicators, offering more discreet communication when you’re composing a message or recording a voice note.

Extended Media Sharing

The official version allows only 17 MB of large files for media sharing. But now you can extend this limit with GB Whatsapp Apk. This app will allow you to directly share large videos up to 100MB. Moreover, you can also upload up to 1GB of files as documents. So switch to the GB version now and share movies, series, episodes, TV shows, and other large files with ease.

Multiple Languages

Millions of users that belong to different languages use GB Whatsapp as an instant messaging app. To facilitate all of its users, this app supports multiple languages. Hence, it gives UI in the preferred languages of different users.

DND (Do Not Disturb) Mode

Activate DND mode to silence notifications from GBWhatsApp without turning off your phone’s internet connection entirely. This feature is handy when you want some downtime from messaging.

Auto-Reply on GBWhatsApp

This GB version app also includes an auto-reply feature to set a custom text piece as your auto-reply. You can set greetings and other text pieces as your auto-reply and this app will reply to any incoming message automatically even if you are offline. 

Custom Privacy for Contacts

Set your profile picture, status, and last seen audience with custom contact privacy. This feature allows you to try different privacy for your different contacts. You can allow your desired users to watch your status & DP and keep others away from it. Moreover, you can also set special privacy settings for your special contacts.

Built-in App Lock

Put an extra layer of protection on your chats & contacts with the built-in app lock. The integrated app lock allows you to set a finger lock, PIN, Pattern, or Password lock on your GB Whatsapp App.

Sticker and Emoji Packs

Stickers and emojis are widely used on different social media platforms. This GB version also offers thousands of stickers and emojis to express all your emotions and expressions. You can use additional packs of emojis & stickers to enjoy a unique and expressive messaging experience. 

Broadcast Messages to Groups

Broadcast messaging is the best way to interact with a large audience at once. Send broadcast messages to multiple groups simultaneously, streamlining communication for events, updates, or announcements.

Enhanced Group Management

GBWhatsApp offers advanced group management features, including renaming groups with more characters, increasing the group name length, and setting a higher limit for group members.

Anti-Ban Protection

MOD versions are now commonly used for different apps and games. But MOD versions of apps and games often come with an account ban. But this GB MOD Whatsapp comes with an anti-ban feature. It means you don’t have to face any account ban with this app.

Send Messages to Anyone

In the official Whatsapp mobile app, you have to save a number in your contact list to start conversations. But unlike the official WhatsApp, GBWhatsApp allows you to directly get into conversations without saving a number to the contact book. You can send messages, forward messages, and share files with anyone directly. 

Unleash Anonymity

If you are an anonymous lover and willing to enjoy an anonymous experience on Whatsapp, then GB Whatsapp Apk is the best option for you. It gives you a unique set of anonymity features that you won’t get in the official version or modded app.

Here you can hide your online status, typing/recording status, blue tick, double tick, last seen status, and much more. So switch to the GB version to enter a ghost mode on your Whatsapp. 

Share Live Location

Live location sharing is also one of the core features of this GB version. You can send live locations to any contact or group. Moreover, you can also create a location group to know the relative locations of each other in the group. It is especially useful when you are traveling a long distance in different vehicles or on a remote trip. 

In-App Video Player

GB WhatsApp APK includes an in-app video player to preview videos before sharing and playing different videos. It means you never need an additional video player when you have this GB version app. It is capable of playing different media and videos from your gallery as well. 

Message Translation

Feel free to connect with all the world without any language restrictions. GB Whatsapp Apk offers a built-in language translation service to change any text piece from any language into your desired language. Moreover, you can also set your native language as the default translation language to get every text translated into your native language automatically. 

Conversation Lock

Have some secret and personal conversations on Whatsapp and are worried about their security? Then set a dedicated conversation lock on your secret conversation. You can use different locks for different conversations in this app. It allows you to set a PIN, password, Finger, Pattern, or even face lock as a conversation lock. 

Screenshots of GB WhatsApp Features

We uploaded some Screenshots of GB WhatsApp for you, So you can easily understand the settings of GBWhatsApp pro. You can clearly see the Themes, Hide or seen status, Header and action bar etc in first picture.

In second Screenshot you can clearly see the colors management system, privacy and security and many more options.


GBWhatsApp vs. WhatsApp


  • GBWhatsApp offers extensive themes and customization options, allowing users to personalize their chats and interface.
  • Advanced privacy features with GB Whatsapp Apk including the ability to hide online status, double ticks, and blue ticks.
  • Send larger files and share high-quality images & videos without any quality distortion.
  • Unlike WhatsApp, GBWhatsApp APK enables users to run multiple accounts on a single device effortlessly.
  • Anti-ban measures to prevent account bans or any security threat. 
  • GBWhatsApp lets you schedule messages, making it convenient for sending reminders or birthday wishes.
  • You can hide your typing status in GBWhatsApp, ensuring your contacts won’t see when you’re composing a message.
  • PIN or fingerprint, app lock for adding an extra layer of security.
  • It offers an in-app translation feature, handy for conversing with friends who speak different languages.
  • Never let others know when you view their status updates with the GB version app.


  • WhatsApp employs end-to-end encryption, ensuring your messages remain private and secure.
  • WhatsApp boasts a massive user base, making it easier to connect with friends and family.
  • WhatsApp offers official customer support, ensuring assistance in case of issues or queries.
  • WhatsApp Business provides tools for businesses to engage with customers effectively.
  • WhatsApp offers automatic cloud backups, allowing you to restore chats when switching devices.
  • WhatsApp supports high-quality video calls, ideal for virtual meetings and staying connected.
  • Easily create and manage group chats for family, friends, or work-related discussions.
  • Share your day with contacts via status updates, including text, photos, and videos.
  • Use WhatsApp on your computer with the web and desktop apps for convenience.
  • Regular updates ensure bug fixes, security patches, and new features in WhatsApp.

How to Install GBWhatsApp

Are you looking to unlock a world of customization and additional features on WhatsApp? GB WhatsApp might be the answer for you. Installing GBWhatsApp is a straightforward process that can enhance your messaging experience. Here are some easy steps to guide you through the download & installation process. 

  • In your device’s settings, you have to allow the installation of apps from unknown sources from the Security section. This is necessary because GB WhatsApp is not available on official app stores.
  • Visit our website and download a 100% secure Apk file. 
  • Install App: Locate the downloaded APK file and tap to install it on your device.
  • Once you complete installation, enter your mobile number, verify your number, and get started with it.

GBWhatsApp Features You Didn’t Know Existed

  • GBWhatsApp includes a “Do Not Disturb” mode to silence notifications without turning off the app.
  • Try a wide range of custom fonts for a unique typing and UI experience. 
  • Schedule messages to be sent automatically at a specified time, a handy feature for reminders.
  • Explore a vast selection of themes to completely transform GB WhatsApp’s interface.
  • Set up automatic replies for when you can’t respond, perfect for vacations or busy times.
  • With the anti-revoke feature, you can access and read deleted messages and files. 
  • Translate messages within the app to communicate with friends in different languages seamlessly.
  • Hide specific chats from the main screen, accessible only with a PIN or fingerprint.
  • Enjoy unlimited sticker packs, adding fun and variety to your conversations.
  • Prevent others from revoking sent messages, ensuring you can always see what was sent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Whatsapp and GB Whatsapp simultaneously?

Yes, the GB version can be used along with the official version on any Android device simultaneously. 

Is GB WhatsApp safe to use? 

Yes, the GB version comes with enhanced privacy options, an anti-ban feature, and without any security hazard. Hence, it is completely safe for your device as well as your account. 

Can I use a dual account with GB Whatsapp?

Yes, you can now run two accounts simultaneously with GB Whatsapp without requiring any app cloner. 

How to Update GBWhatsapp Apk?

You can visit our website to get regular updates of this GB version to keep your app updated to the latest version. 


GBWhatsapp Apk is the best among all the Mods of Whatsapp and comes with a wide range of additional features. It enhances your messaging experience with plus features and enhances privacy. It offers anonymity features, GB settings, an in-app video player, a built-in app lock, a variety of themes, and customization options. Switching to the GB version puts an additional layer of protection and enjoys an anonymous messaging experience.